Personal portrait

Do you know your color?

We all have our own unique color around us. It could change time to time ,moment by moment. But we can capture in this moment ! 

Would you like to see? 

Auric field is movement of energy.  It translate to color, symbol, and texture and pattern. 

I develop this skill to be able to visualize persons auric field on to canvas. 

To capture your Personal essence through your portrait.

I ask permission to enter your energetic field and capture your story, color, texture and essence of soul.  

This is one of my service work through human pshych. To help you to remember who you are. 

Size and Price

12″ x 16″ inch (30.5×40.6cm)    $680  AUD

16″ x 16″ inch (40.6×40.6cm)    $880  AUD

16″ x 20″ inch ( 40.6 x 50.8cm) $1080  AUD


12″ x 16″ inch

16″ x 16″ inch

essence of innocence

16″ x 20″ inch