"I inspire people to meet their truth by painting Mystical portrait"

Do you know the colour of your soul?

Your aura is one that is overflowing from within you.
The colour, also known as the “aura”, is the one that is released unchanged as the glow of a person’s “essence” throughout one’s life.
It is also an energy itself that continues to change moment by moment, like a swinging heat haze, in the passage of a life story.

As a painter, my job is to visualise the colours and shapes of more delicate and essential spirits on canvas.

A multidimensional portrait is revealed through the painting of symbols, patterns and textures. Thus, our own appearance is projected and accessed by sharpening our senses to both the metaphysical and tangible landscapes within the canvas.

To achieve this, first, let me listen to your story.

It can be you, your child, your friends, your parents, family, or a deceased person, or an animal that you connect.

As a portrait, the person’s essence of the soul, in the form of colour, is drawn on the canvas. Through my heart and brush, I am able to bridge a reunion with your own soul.

It would be a joy to create a bridge for you to connect and communicate deeply with important people through the window of a different dimension of the painting medium.

What to prepare: a photograph of the person who will be a model for your story

Size and Price

12″ x 16″ inch (30.5×40.6cm)    $880  AUD

16″ x 16″ inch (40.6×40.6cm)    $980  AUD

16″ x 20″ inch ( 40.6 x 50.8cm) $1180  AUD

Installment payment available. 


12″ x 16″ inch

16″ x 16″ inch

16″ x 20″ inch

Story of each persons portrait

Record Keeper

When she was researching own soul purpose. Whale and killer whale showed up to her to telling her that she is a record keeper. Keep capturing the wisdom of life. through your passion which is painting. 

Balance keeper

She needed to connect with her inner tiger. Tiger are natural leader and support others in their goals while consistently working own self. To maintain harmonious relationship to self and others. She access to this inner wisdom when rough time challenging her life. 

Hope in the air

Find little hope of light in the air. Little things make our heart open. Feel the soft wind in the air. Spot light are on  her from the sky. That is message from universe to keep your hope in your heart. 

She is beautiful dancer. Expressing her self with head dress and natural material costume. Spiraling energy is  circling around her. The energy is marge in to what she wanted to express of her self. 

She is growing with Eucalyptus tree. She sing with leaves. Her hearts are Deeply rooted in her roots. I felt she can speak from her eye. With out words, she can express herself.

He knows how to decorate himself.  He collect acorns. He is connecting with acorn tree. The tree gives him wisdom to follow. His life journey from now. Acorn tree is symbol of his ancestral guide.


Earth element and water Element came out around him very first stage of painting. He showed me some underwater scenery that water creatures are swimming around. 

<comment from client>

Such a wonderful portrait. Yao did an amazing work not only capturing my son’s features, it’s got beautiful background colours and shades that also align with his soul. I’m so happy with this painting, thanks Yao for sharing your vision. “Camila”


Beautiful her smile made me smile. Like when I see field of sunflower. She has that power which bring softness and joy to environment. After I finish painting Her mother told me she knew her color is yellow. For now. she is surrounded by color yellow but it might change when she grow up from now. But she has this gift to lift up energy around her will stay with in. 

<comment from client>

I was feeling her color is yellow so I was little surprise when yao told me about back ground color. I founded she is very intuitive and feel my daughter’s essence very well. I appreciate to have this painting. Thank you yao for capturing it and translate to the vision. “Michi”

He gave me image of landscape. Some Japanese folklore scenery. Element was fresh water. And wind. After painting finished, Her mother told me that she was feeling green was his main color. Earthly energy with fresh water. We share what she saw in him and what I saw in his painting. Both of us felt mountain and fresh water. 


<comment from client>

When I saw this painting first time , I felt yao was be able to capture his essence. As his mother I can feel this essence but wanted to see as visual form. And Yao embodied it amazingly. It did made sense in my own way to see this painting to feel my sons story. I am very happy with this painting and yao made beautiful care of deliver to my home. “Yuko”

Leaf of acacia

She hold some old knowledge. Symbol of pyramid was strong element that came through when i was painting. Around her auric field had some thing familiar, remind me something but hard to define forms. So I create movement of those form with organic form. Which we subconsciously recognize those forms. Her mother told me that she felt similar feeling one day. She might be old souls and knowing deep wisdom that she can learn from her. That inspire me  connection with patent and children. 

Leaf of indica

She interact with Fairy , Insect, something small things. Sometime they are invisible. But she can see them clearly. I encourage her to keep her imaginary world alive. Because I can relate with her so well. While I was painting her image, I felt strongly I needed to paint those unseen world around her. With abstract expression and movement of energy and small little fairy showed up through this painting process. When I spoke to her mother about this, she already recognized that she sees unseen world. And as mother she would like to support her. I felt that we as a adult how beautiful to support her own imagination world alive from younger age like her. It might be one of my role.