Next group Class

Date: April 7th, Sunday
Time: 10:00am – 13:00pm
Cost: $60 (materials included)
Location: @Yao Art Studio Coorabell NSW
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Date: April 13th, Saturday
Time: 14:00am – 17:00pm
Cost: $60 (materials included)
Location: @Space Saraswati (11 trood st Macgregor Brisbane QLD)
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Creative flow

The importance of our painting class lies in discovering and nurturing your creative flow. By tapping into a state of flow, you’ll paint your own unique vision onto canvas with ease and joy


Embrace connection by emptying your mind and playfully engaging with your approach. Join our art class to discover and cultivate a creative flow state through painting. Allow your subconscious visions to manifest on canvas, fostering a deeper connection to your inner creativity


Unleash the fun of your own unique imagination in our painting class. Ever experienced abstract or surreal images in meditation or dreams, glimpses of unseen presence? Have you ever desired to paint those visions? If so, join us on a journey of exploring and bringing to life your unique visions in this art class

Natural Pigment

Enhance your artistic repertoire with the option to explore the basics of natural pigment painting, enriching your artwork with earth-inspired colors and textures. Additionally, delve into the alchemy of painting by creating your own unique compositions, unlocking new dimensions of your creative process. This class also offers the opportunity to experiment with various painting mediums such as watercolor, egg tempera, and oil painting, allowing you to expand your artistic horizons and techniques at your discretion.

Connect with the mystical energy of dragons on canvas. Guided gently, draw upon dragon energy, creating an imaginary landscape and bringing it to life. A meditative, playful process invites you to tap into your inner creativity and connect with the unseen

Private Class

Studio class

Private class

1 hour $70  

 2 hours $100 

2 hour x 4 session $380

Group Class  

2 hours $50 / pp 

 (minimum 3 people)

Material provided 

online tutoring

1 hour $50 AUD


“Yao really listens to nature’s stories and her inner guidance, and interprets them with lucid, visual detail. Her art class is a precious extension of her gift. I found it to be a space where I was naturally inclined to drop in, let go, and be free to experience the ripples of these stories, and visually interpret my inner guidance. She’s a wonderful facilitator and her insightful approach shows respect to each individual’s creative process.”


“Yao managed to take me to a place of full trust, into what will happen on the canvas will be the exact right experience. She held space and her guidance through the workshop was a wonderful experience to focus on my intuition. Highly recommended to visit her class “


“In the class I was allowed to express what ever in my mind. Yao gave me accurate advice in the right moment it did helped me to trust her and let go of own expectation to my self. I let go of fear of judgement. It was great way to connecting to my own self. It was self talk through own vision. Be in the present with brush and canvas. Yao’s class held safe space for me to flow with my onw flow of expression and connecting with my feeling. grad to join the class to have this experience in my life.”  


“Yao helped me to rearize what I wanted to express through vision. It was really fun process to creating story of painting with her guide. It was little difficult to start with but her teaching and guide i found flow with in my imagination and be able to paint what i wanted to paint. I felt joy in my heart while I was painting in the class. “


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Studio locations are Coorabell, NSW, Australia         (20min from Byron Bay)

Phone: +61 490 867 154