"Bringing your unique vision to life through custom paintings"

My vision is to create custom paintings that future your walls and hearts, kindling emotions and memories. 

With every stroke, I believe colors tell stories and canvases connect souls.

What is a custom painting?

At Yao Mikami Artistry, we collaborate to craft your ideas, emotions, and experiences into captivating custom paintings. With meticulous attention, skill, and heart, I infuse your stories into every stroke. Specializing in mystical and semi-abstract style of painting, I also offer the option of using natural pigments to enhance the essence and connection of your art piece. Let’s turn your vision into an enchanting reality on canvas, creating a vision that resonates deeply with your soul

How to create

Here is the step how we can create your vision onto canvas

Step 1 - consult

I would like to discuss with you via a call or email to hear what your vision is for your canvas and your story about the images

step 2 - sketch

I will gather all reference images create a sketch to present to you.

Step 3 - Painting

Painting will be created within 2 weeks once step 2 is confirmed.

Step 4 - Divilery

Deliver to your home by post.


size 1

12" x 16" inch (30.5x40.6cm)    $380  AUD

size 2

16" x 16" inch (40.6x40.6cm)    $580  AUD

size 3

16" x 20" inch
( 40.6 x 50.8cm) $880  AUD

size 4

by your request size

Depending on the shipping address, Postage will require additional cost. 

Client Testimonials

I was feeling her color is yellow so I was little surprise when yao told me about back ground color. I founded she is very intuitive and feel my daughter's essence very well. I appreciate to have this painting. Thank you yao for capturing it and translate to the vision.
Such a wonderful portrait. Yao did an amazing work not only capturing my son’s features, it’s got beautiful background colours and shades that also align with his soul. I’m so happy with this painting, thanks Yao for sharing your vision.
When I saw this painting first time , I felt yao was be able to capture his essence. As his mother I can feel this essence but wanted to see as visual form. And Yao embodied it amazingly. It did made sense in my own way to see this painting to feel my sons story. I am very happy with this painting and yao made beautiful care of deliver to my home.

Ready to order one of the kind custom painting??

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