Story from spirit ancestors

Plague doctors

“Plague Doctors”

Our descendants, there is nothing to fear

The pandemic is not what has just begun

Plagues and infectious diseases have been healed many times

The ancestors of doctors in the 14th century at the time of the plague lends us wisdom

Trees, rocks, mountains, and natural landscapes have a history in the past

To receive messages from the unseen world

Connect to nature, ground yourself 

Believe in natural healing powers

Song of harmony

“Song of harmony”

 They are singing a song of harmony

The song of harmony reverberates through the seabed

They continue to teach through generations how the kinship system should be structured

So that humanity can return to a balanced state

And humanity and other races can return to the balance of harmony

They will keep singing.

Until their song reaches the consciousness of humanity.

Sacred water

“Sacred water”

Water gives life to all living creatures

earth water and sky water

All living creatures drink this sacred water to live on earth

Live on earth as part of the ecosystem, as humanity, we are responsible for keeping water clean and sacred


Because We can

Sacred water allows us to connect to the unseen world

Sacred water allows for connect divinity 

Neutral Particle

“Neutral particle”

Bird tribes are keepers of the sky. 

Whale tribes are keepers of the sea.

In between worlds is the Earth.

The neutral space. The bridge of the world below and above.

Inside of neutral space is created with many dots. 

When the world view became high resolution,

you only see dots.

Dot is everything.

“Ancestors are with us”

Knowing who we are.

Where we are coming from. 

Many generations are interconnected with your present genes.

Re-connecting ancient ones is one of the keys to remembering who you are. 

To exist as the true form of yourself.


“Storyteller from the sky”

She is a resident of the sky. She draws one of the stories in the sky. Story of water circus. They are gypsies from the mountain freshwater country.

Follow the water, follow the mountain.

Jump jumps to the next circus show.

To create the optical illusion we need to use the magic of the eye.
We create magic in the air.
So people can see our magic through the shape of a cloud.

Start Sirius

“Lions gate”

There is the gatekeeper of heaven and the underworld. 

Gatekeepers are keeping eye on the soul.

When the gates are open, the gatekeeper is coming down to earth to ask our souls.

What is your choice?

Love or fear. Victim or survivor. Shadow or light. Within any circumstances.

Be clear about your action. And be honest with your soul.

When the time comes. When you pass the gate to heaven or the underworld.

You will be asked the question again.

We can not lie about your soul. Be honest to your voice of the soul.

This is the story from Dogstar another name called Sirius.

Story of hybrids

“Story Of hybrid”

Combination of different genes.

A little bit of this DNA and a little bit of this DNA mixing what it looks like?

This has been experimented many many years. 

We could be the hybrid too.

To be able to mutate each environment, we simply adapt our forms to be able to exist.

Story of the land

“The Kangaroo man”

All the animals living in the bush were afraid of this 2-headed snake. Because this snake has the mystical power to destroy you. 

One day Kangaroo man was traveling through and heard about this 2-headed snake. He was contemplating what are the best things to do. 

Emu told him to let’s catch him so all animals would be free from their control. The wise kangaroo man asked all the other animals what they want to happen. All animals are asking for harmonious living. Now kangaroo man knows what to do. So he used his tale to whip snakes and take out their mythical power. Since that day all animals are free from fear even 2 headed snakes transformed into normal snakes so they all live harmonious ways. 

story of under the water

“Creator watched all creation process”

The time before land life. When all creatures lived in water.

Volcanic mountains produce gas. That gas creates mist and clouds. That turns into rain and more water was added to the ocean.

Inside of ocean was a harmonious environment for all living creatures. Some of the memory still exists in our DNA. When we all lived under the water. 

gate keeper lion

“Gate Keeper Lion”
The lion is the gatekeeper of the door leading to the other world. Inside his cave was dark and cold but it was a place where you can feel the beautiful silence inside.

The two adventures curiously ask the lion.
“so what is the other world like?”
Lion answers with a smile.
“In that world, Day and night are reversed. And there are many large rocks. The sky is clear blue and the land is dry”
And some dominate the world. It’s a very big being with a bird-like face. It’s a mysterious place where you can not live without transforming into a shape that suits their land.

Story of rabbit ancestor

“The story of the rabbit’s ancestors”

Rabbits live in Mizuno Miyako, which means water palace. There is a beautiful palace filled with pure water. She is the princess there. All wise princesses have eyes that as see through. She will go to the human world as part of her training. She transforms into a human figure, and she descends into the world where humans live. She has a mirror that allows her to see the truth even in human form. For them, the mirror is always a tool to connect with their true self. The human world has various influences, so caution is required. Some people from the water palace are worried about the princess. However, the pure-hearted princess grows up steadily, wearing a lot of beings in the human world and the art of dealing with the existence of shadows. As a symbol of a beautiful warrior, she uses her inner courage to fight to teach people her inner justice. She remember to have the conversation with water that she learned at the Water Palace, and purify water as well as cleanse herself. The existence of a beautifully grown princess has become a legend in the human world and is now enshrined as the god of water purification.

Story of rokurokkubi

“The story of Rokurokkubi”

She was a girl with pure, beautiful eyes. She was born and raised in a mountain village and she was a dancer in the village. Her grace and her expressive dance became her reputation, and she went to Kyo to become a Maiko.
Kyo is a beautiful and radiant world.
She dances and dances convey beauty to people through dance. As her years pass, she goes on the path from Maiko to a Geisha. She stands in the arts, and the beautiful and friendly dancer becomes a popular geisha in Kyoto.
One night at a performance, she meets a samurai and they fall in love.
To love people. A very beautiful feeling for her. While experiencing happiness, the samurai was killed by the house fire that happened in Kyoto.
As a geisha, she gets caught up in a whirlpool of sadness. Her feelings for her bring her suffering and hatred, she cannot become obsessed with him, and she keeps waiting for him.
Her body was old, and when the time for her to leave this world, she couldn’t let go of this obsession, and she ended up with a rokurokkubi. She couldn’t go to the heavens of the sky, and today she still stays in the earthly world.
Her ancestors continue to see this scenario and they are discussing how to purify this situation.
A youkai has come out from her offspring. What should we do?
The answer is to let her go back to the source. This means by returning to the original place, one returns to the original form.

Offer Prayer

“Offer Prayer”

Pray to water.

Sending a message through the water. Remembering the feeling of when you are in the freshwater.

Imagine water spirit and deity is with us to carry our message.

“Torii” is the gate way to another realm.


“Spirit of todoroki waterfall” 

A waterfall is a place where the water dragon lives.

Protecting sacred water. 

We visit the waterfall to give prayer to the water dragon to keep clean water.

And we visit water dragon to give thanks for keeping clean water. 

Story from under water

I am here

The turtle is a symbol of mother earth. turtle reminds us that we are never alone that earth is our mother and that she loves us.

We are protected and provided from her every day to live.
She is here for us every moment. Just remember this and act to connect with her.

Be part of it

Be part of the Puzzle of the Big Picture. Be part of the community where you can live as a collective. Fishes are working as a collective consciousness.

Work towards all set goals from a communal perspective. In doing so protect our selves, achive the same goals, and Guide Direction to each other with a co-operative spirit

Swim along

Swim along with each other. Sharks’ role in the ocean is to keep the balance of the ecosystem. For other living creatures and coral reefs in the ocean.

When your environment is in perfect balance. We can live harmoniously with each other and everyone can live safely with abundance.

Singer of the sea

I hear a song of a man from the sea. He looks like singing songs about stories of orcas, whales, and dolphins.

His song sounds like this, Your life came from the sea. Play your life like a ride wave. Be playful with water. Sing a song to harmonize your environment and your people.

Can you hear his song?

Residence of the sea

“Dwellers of the sea” 

The ocean is my home.

I’m here living in my environment.

Where deep and wide, and full of life. 

I ask you to respect my home. All my family and friends and loved ones are home. The ocean is our home.

 I know you can not live here but we are living here. 

Story from Plants worlds

“I am a humble acorn who practices the art form of life.

Art of self-sufficient. Art of self-control. Art of self-discipline. Art of self-love.

Do you know why I practice it? Because these art forms are teaching me to flow in harmony with the natural rhythm of nature.”

“I like to be truthful to myself.

When Gum trees shed their bark. The new skin of the trunk is coming out to the surface. Like a snake shedding its skin.

“It is my renewing process to be me. As I shed each layer, I get closer to reaching the essence of myself.

Which is my inner truth.”

I sit and wait under the acacia tree when a storm is around me.

Because I feel safe and protected under the acacia tree. It good time to sit back a bit and reflect on me as well as the world around me.

“Where am I? How am I doing? “

“I feel peace inside me.”

That’s my inner knowing. So I just sit and wait storm will pass anyways.

I am ready to move forward.

Leave behind the things that won’t serve me anymore. Bye-bye to old beliefs and say hi to the new way.

Now I can see where I’m standing. Now I can see the direction where I’m heading towards.

My feet are on the earth.

I am walking on the earth.

Story from inner world


What can you hear?

Did you hear it?

You did hear it.

You will hear it.

Its all there waiting you to hear it.


Meditate to access to the compassion energy of quanyin.

Letting go of your thought like water of stair.

yes it come and go like wave.

Keep guiding our self towards to compassion.

We will reach out the unity to each other.



Its all about our individual choice.

Harmony or Chaos.

Both is okey to choose. As long as you are choosing it with your integlity.

Just you know we have power to choose .

"Self Healing"

“Self healing”

We have power to heal our self.

Release tear to cleanse.

Take off all masks you wear to please others.

Coming back to your truth.

Open all chakra.

Let golden energy to move though your energy body.

Activate Qi in your hands.

Your guides are with you.

To support this process.

You have this power.



Life is a cycle.

Little baby. You are safe. You are protected. Its safe to be born.

Tree will be with you.

Ocean will be with you.

Sky will be with you.

Whale is guide you to find your inner light .

The peal in the bottom of the ocean.

And teaching you that Death isn”t scary.

Its part of our life as you know.


Welcoming new life.

Live your truthful life from today.

I welcome new part of my self.

I trust and I remember my purpose of my life.



Giving loving energy to the your thought.

Your thought is the seed.

Feed them.

It will grow like a tree.

It will reach Harmonious state.

With joy.

With peace.

With Love.

Personal Guides

“Personal Guide”

We all have guide that take you.

To your soul journey.

To be remember what you are here to do. 

They exist between visible and invisible world. 




Find a way to flow. 

Creative flow.

Art of finding the wave of your own flow. 

That feels good. Everything is moving smooth. Its so peaceful. 

Don’t feel gravity. 

You feel free. 



Connect to the land

“Abundance of the Garden “

Pray to the land

connect with the land

Where you standing

We can create abundance  on the land.

Re generate nature again and again and again.

I walk in harmony and respect of the land

horro vaccui

“Fear Of unknown”

We all feel fear of unknown.

Its normal and healthy.

What is going on in my external reality.

I can feel it but I can not see it. But its there around me. 

I express this fear this on to my canvas.  

This is my way to deal with Fear of unknown.