Peep Hole


Explore the depths of inner wisdom with ‘Looking Through’ by Yao Mikami. This introspective painting, crafted with indigo pigment and egg tempera on canvas, encourages deep reflection. Discover the beauty of connecting with your inner self at YaoVisions

Indigo Pigment, eggtempera

40 x 30 cm


Peer into the depths of introspection with Yao Mikami’s ‘Looking Through’ painting. This piece conveys the message of deep reflection, urging us to connect with our inner wisdom.

Crafted with indigo pigment and egg tempera on canvas, the artwork invites contemplation on the spaces between, where insight and understanding reside. Add a touch of introspective beauty to your space with this unique piece, available exclusively at YaoVisions.

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Dimensions 40 × 30 cm