The power of Art Workshop at Eltham Village Gallery
By Luna Moon & Yao Mikami

During the Empowered Art and Self-Care workshop, you will be on a journey through breathing, and we will co-create a meditative state to relax the Mind and the Body.
This method, which will enable the flowing of your Soul, will unlock a mindfulness process and creative expression using the healing arts in various creative methods.
We will share a range of experiential and interactive therapeutic processes with themes and topics focused on connecting with yourself and gaining insight, exploring, and expressing your creativity.
This expressive process will also help build self-esteem, and ultimately discover the healing power of art.

– Workshop 1: FINDING calmness with active meditation through the neuropathic art-making process.
– Workshops 2: ACCESS TO the subconscious using your own imagination.
– Workshop 3: RECONNECT the different parts of yourself to find the clarity that you are looking for linking your own puzzle pieces.

2:30h workshop, max 10 people/class

– Workshop 1- (Saturday, 11/03/23) 10-am -12:30 pm
-Workshop 2- (Wednesday, 15/03/23) 5:30 – 8pm
-Workshop 3- (Saturday, 25/03/23) 10-am -12:30 pm

1 workshop $ 55 / ($45 Concession/Students)
2 workshops $ 90 / ($80 Concession/Students)
3 workshops (Full program $135/ (125$ Concession/Students)
• Bring your concession card
*Materials all included, just bring your bottle of water, and open heart.

Luna- 0432262851
Yao- 0490867154

Eltham Villa Gallery.
445 Eltham Road, Eltham, NSW

I will guide you to open up your imagination and subconscious.

This class is perfect for all levels to learn the basics of technique and painting materials, but with a strong focus on creativity and connecting with earth magic through the art-making process.

The painting technique is a combination of 2 medium. Which is  natural pigment painting to create texture from the earth. And oil painting  to build color and from. 

You will learn:

  • How to extract natural pigment
  • How to make painting medium
  • How to paint with oil paint
  • How to have fun with the painting process
  • How to find your flow state
  • How to access your subconscious through the art-making process

Private class >>> Private class one-on-one – $100 (2 – 2.5hour session) flexible booking time *All materials are provided 🙂 

For organization>>> I will come to your creative group with all materials. Send your inqury to emails. 

Booking >>>

Location>>> Yao.visions Art Studio (coorabell near from byron bay I will send you the exact address by email.) 

Age >>> From age 10 would be suite to join the course and class.   


“Yao really listens to nature’s stories and her inner guidance, and interprets them with lucid, visual detail. Her art class is a precious extension of her gift. I found it to be a space where I was naturally inclined to drop in, let go, and be free to experience the ripples of these stories, and visually interpret my inner guidance. She’s a wonderful facilitator and her insightful approach shows respect to each individual’s creative process.”


“Yao managed to take me to place of full trust,into what will happen on the canvas will be the exact right experience. She held space and her guidance through the workshop was a wonderful experience to focus on my intuition. Highly recommended to visit her class “


“In the class I was allowed to express what ever in my mind. Yao gave me accurate advice in the right moment it did helped me to trust her and let go of own expectation to my self. I let go of fear of judgement. It was great way to connecting to my own self. It was self talk through own vision. Be in the present with brush and canvas. Yao’s class held safe space for me to flow with my onw flow of expression and connecting with my feeling. grad to join the class to have this experience in my life.”  Misa

“Yao helped me to rearize what I wanted to express through vision. It was really fun process to creating story of painting with her guide. It was little difficult to start with but her teaching and guide i found flow with in my imagination and be able to paint what i wanted to paint. I felt joy in my heart while I was painting in the class. “


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