Yao Mikami

“Painting is the tool to connect with my soul.

It is training, practice, learning, and Meditation.

And painting brings joy to my heart.

Using visual form as a painting is the way to understand indescribable feelings.

It is my way of translating the invisible world.

Also translating of expression from our senses.

I believe in the power of art, and the power of creativity in human kind.

And I deeply appreciate what nature provides me with to paint. I am aware I’m using materials that is provided from nature. And what impact I will cause to environment. 









1986. Born in Japan. Studied woodblock printing & illustration at Art University in Japan.

2012 moved to Australia. Started organising Painting retreats as director. As well as one of the artists that has passion about the power of creativity at an eco community in Byron bay.

Through this process she started learning how to paint in oil and egg tempera, How to express what you want to express. Started discovering my own painting style. Mixing natural pigment and oil painting, I started to make my own paint. Combined traditional painting technique and new.

In her recent work she is using natural pigment for mark making. Started with abstract texture on the canvas. Then she eye gazed until her eye captured some form. And then she simply followed what her eye was seeing, not knowing what the picture was going to be. Developing her imagination helped this process to see form in abstract pattern. It’s like transmitting unformed energy to form.Yao describes this process as “I feel I’m writing a story through the painting process. Communicating with my guide or my subconscious. I do enjoy this process because I feel like Im not painting on my own.”