Story from under water

Turtle is symbol of the Mother Earth. Turtle reminds us that we never alone that earth is our mother that she loves us. Spkeaks Protected and provided every day

Turtle is symbol of the Mother Earth.                         Turtle reminds us that we never alone that earth is our mother that she loves us. Speaks Protected and provided every day.She is here for us each moment we only to remember and act to connect with her.

Be part of the Puzzle of Big Picture. Be part of the community.Fishes work as collective consciousness. Wart towards all set  goals from a communal perspective.In doing so protect our selfs, achive same goals,Guide Direction to each other with co-operative spirit

Swim along to each other. Sharks role in the ocean is keeping balance of ecosystem. Forother Creature and coral reef in the ocean. When your emviroment is in perfect balance. We can live harmoniously to each other and everyone can live safely with aboundance

Story from plants world

I am humble acorn who practice art form of life.

Art of self – sufficient.Art of self-control. Art of self discipline. Art of self – love.

You know why i practice it? Because these art forms are teching me to being flow in harmony with natural rhythm of nature.

I like to be truthful to my self.

When Gum trees shed their bark. New skin of the trunk is coming out to the surface. Like a snake shedding their skin.

It is my renewing process to be me. As i shedd each layer, I get closer to reach my core essence of my self.

Which is my inner truth.

I sit and wait under the acacia tree when storm is  around me.

Because I feel safe and protected under the acacia tree. It good  time to sit back a bit and reflect myself as well as world around me.

“Where am I? How am i doing? “

“I feel peace inside me.”

That’s my inner knowing. So I just sit and wait storm will pass any ways.

I am ready to moving forward.

Leave behind the things wont serve me any more. Bye bye to old believe and say hi to new way.

Now I can see where im standing on. Now I can see my direction where im heading towards.

My feets are on the earth.

I am walking on the earth.

Story from inner world


What can you hear?

Did you hear that?

You did hear it

You will hear it.

Its all there waiting you to hear it.


Meditate to access to the compassion energy of quanyin.

Letting go of your thought like water of stair.

yes it come and go like wave.

Keep guiding our self towards to compassion.

We will reach out the unity to each other.



Its all about our individual choice.

Harmony or Chaos.

Both is okey to choose. As long as you are choosing it with your integlity.

Just you know we have power to choose .

“Self healing”

We have power to heal our self.

Release tear to cleanse.

Take off all masks you where to please others.

Coming back to your truth.

Open all chakra.

Let golden energy to move though your energy body.

Activate Qi in your hands.

Your guides are with you.

To support this process.

You have this power.


Life is a cycle.

Little baby. You are safe. You are protected. Its safe to be born.

Tree will be with you.

Ocean will be with you.

Sky will be with you.

Whale is guide you to find your inner light .

The peal in the bottom of the ocean.

And teaching you that Death isn”t scary.

Its part of our life as you know.



Giving loving energy to the your thought.

Your thought is the seed.

Feed them.

It will grow like a tree.

It will reach Harmonious state.

With joy.

With peace.

With Love.